Safer Water North Texas is a group of local citizens devoted to advocating for safe water in the North Texas area. We believe that the water we consume, bathe/shower in, cook with, serve to our pets and provide to guests who visit our region for work or play, should be of excellent quality and free from harmful chemicals, rather than simply meeting minimal state and federal regulatory limits.

Safer Water North Texas was established in mid-March of 2018 as a result of many residents expressing concern on social media about the safety and quality of water received from the North Texas Municipal Water District. The North Texas Municipal Water District is a water wholesaler which provides water to many local municipalities for a fee. After thousands complained of health concerns, our members quickly joined forces to ask pertinent questions, request data, help each other and learn from one another. We aim to communicate citizens’ concerns to the appropriate decision-makers in our local infrastructure and push for answers and action plans to resolve water quality and safety issues.


The North Texas Municipal Water District supplies tap water to 1.7 million Texans. This water has been widely reported to have a chemical/chlorine smell, and residents have recently raised health concerns as well. The issue gained national attention when Erin Brockovich publicly challenged the NTMWD to make changes.

This campaign aspires to:

  • Determine the safety of our current tap water through extensive and objective third-party research
  • Define what is best-in-class drinking water standards
  • Influence long-lasting change to positively affect the health of the North Texas community
  • We appreciate the NTMWD’s public acknowledgment of our concerns. As citizens, it’s our responsibility and our right to understand what we are drinking, cooking with and bathing in every day.
  • We don’t have all the answers yet, but we do know that our water smells and that our residents have reported health concerns. We owe it to ourselves to dig deeper into this issue.
  • North Texas is nationally recognized as a top place to live, work and play. In order to uphold our position, we must maintain our health. Our community considers itself “best in class” and we want to keep it that way.